Our product is a complete system of intelligent monitoring of transport and tarpaulin protection, which consists of a few elements. The most important one is a composite mat embedded in the tarpaulin from the inside of cargo area. The mat is a signaling unit for the alarm system. Its cutting or damage will set the alarm – activate the alarm signal, light signal and notify by a text message or e-mail the truck owner and the driver (to the indicated telephone numbers).

Additionally mounted cameras on the semi-trailer will take pictures and record a film on the SD card mounted on or in (?) the vehicle’s black box. The device sends alarm information giving the GPS fix. Each unauthorized entry shall be recorded. Authorized entries shall be also recorded, which allows for viewing for instance loading time.


Thy system of permanent video monitoring can be equipped with one or maximum 8 cameras. The cameras can be mounted on the sides of the semi-trailer, at the front of the vehicle, at the back of the semi-trailer, inside the semi-trailer or in the driver’s cabin. Drivers are very satisfied with a possibility of mounting a camera in both mirrors of the vehicle, which enables a useful viewing on the LCD monitor in the cabin, for instance in case of reversal of motion (Great Britain) or on the roof of the vehicle enabling viewing and evaluation of a possibility of passage, for instance under low bridges. A driver can check the view at any time and set off a burglar alarm by pressing a button in the cabin (without going out), if he finds, that somebody behaves suspiciously near a semi-trailer in the middle of the night. A driver can in a simple way disconnect the system in order to roll up the tarpaulin for loading goods dismantling two air type plugs, which takes 60 seconds. A driver has a radio immobilizer for activating or defusing the alarm.

The system is connected in real-time with video streaming servers and records an image, which enables current view of the vehicle in motion. The monitoring application is available for PC computers and telephones with Android system, as well as Apple smartphones from any place in the world. Image recording is useful in case of road accidents with participation of a vehicle, since video material can constitute evidence in the case.

The system allows for using insurance reliefs and discounts for semi-trailers and goods in road transport.

The Carbonet System installation includes:

  • Tarpaulin dismantling from the provided semi-trailer (optional delivery of the dismantled tarpaulin by the customer)
  • Washing of the provided tarpaulin
  • Sticking a Carbonet composite mat onto the tarpaulin delivered by the customer from the internal side (side tarpaulins or optionally roof tarpaulin)
  • Installation of “a black box” in the vehicle’s semi-trailer together with emergency power supply and semi-trailer door sensors, power supply wiring, and the LCD monitor with view from cameras for the driver in the cabin
  • Installation of 8 cameras (optionally minimum 4 cameras, which reduces the costs of order
  • Hanging up the tarpaulin on the semi-trailer and connecting
  • Connecting and configuration of Carbonet system with servers
  • Installation of applications on the telephones and computers indicated by the customer
  • Training of customer’s employees in the system service


  • a black box is mounted inside the semi-trailer or at a request in the place indicated by the customer
  • cutting the tarpaulin or an unauthorized entry into the semi-trailer sets off alarm and light signal and sends notifications to the indicated telephones by text messages and e-mail messages
  • the device serves 8 cameras in PAL HD 720p system (optionally for additional payment of 1080p, H.264 image compression (optionally sound can be recorded)
  • image recording is done on SD 128 Gb card installed in the black box (optionally an SSX max 2 TB card can be connected – an option indicated on long routes without a possibility of copying recordings and big number of cameras)
  • cameras have night vision recording mode (infrared)
  • the GPS module enables a vehicle viewing on the map by the owner or company employees, viewing the speed and fuel consumption, route overview, parking times and other statistics
  • a built-in WOFI module allows for connecting the driver’s smartphone and viewing on the LCD monitor in the driver’s cabin
  • the system has a temperature displaying instrument and protection against overheating above 70 degrees Centigrade, as well as damage in low temperatures below 40 degrees Centigrade
  • a black box has a power protection system enabling work without ensured power suuply up to 36 hours
  • the system enables connection to the vehicle on board computer and reading out all the vehicle’s parameters (additional option)
  • it is possible to connect the vehicle’s cruise control to ACC

Convenience for a driver:

  • A driver can connect to his smartphone the view from cameras and see route statistics related to speed, fuel consumption, see the accurate route which he has passed on google map with kilometer statistics
  • In the option with 8 cameras a driver gets mounted cameras in the vehicle mirrors, which enables viewing in case of reversal of motion, can get a view from any camera or all cameras on LCD monitor mounted in the cabin
  • Special camera mounted on the roof of the vehicle enables control of passage under low bridges and evaluation of a possibility of passage without roof damage without getting out of the cabin

Terms of the contract:

Obligatory advance payment in the amount of 50 % of the order

Product delivery date maximum within 30 days from the day of tarpaulin delivery.

The customer undertakes to bring the semi-trailer to the closest licensed facility for installation and activation the system within 7 days from the day of receiving information that the tarpaulin has been manufactured.


Ask for the price

Discounts for orders above 10 pieces


Fixed charges:

  • 10 EUR per month for one vehicle – recording signal from cameras on the server
  • 10 EUR per month for one vehicle – data transmission of telecommunications operators in Poland and roaming in EU promotional package (10 GB OL and 2 GB EU)
  • 5 EUR per month for one vehicle – technical support and application service support 24h helpline and technical support